Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask Review

Are you fed up with dry and patchy lips? Don’t worry I have a solution for you. Yes, you heard me right. I am talking about none other than Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask from Ikkai which repairs dry, pigmented lips, making them smooth & supple. It lightens blemishes and evens out the skin for healthy-looking, pink lips.

Ikkai have recently launched their Lip’s don’t lie! Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask, and today I am going to review this fun beauty.

About Brand:

Ikkai is a sub brand of Lotus Herbals. Which has such a fun loving Aim “In a world of serious looking and boring beauty care products, IKKAI was born with the simple intention to spread happiness”.

They are a happy beauty brand that brings to you an adorably delicious range of happy beauty products that will add fun and joy to your everyday routine. Our products are completely organic, safe, preservative free and never tested on animals. So be happy and have fun, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Because the happier you are, the prettier you will look.



Product Description:

Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask Review

Butter up your lips with our Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask. Its creamy texture glides onto your lips oh-so smoothly and helps repair dry, pigmented lips by making them soft, supple, and PINK AGAIN. This nourishing lip care can be used throughout the day and as an overnight lip mask when you’re getting your beauty sleep. What’s better? It’s non-greasy, stays through the night, and has a mild BUBBLEGUM scent too!

Now Wake up to super supple and silky lips every day with PINK ME AGAIN.


Hydrating and Repairing

Lightens blemishes

Evens out the skin (pigmented lips)


The only thing I didn’t like about this product is they have not mentioned ingredients anywhere in the product or on the packaging , and you can’t even find this on their website.


Rs. 445 for 20 gm

Shelf life:

36 months from the date of manufacturing.


The Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask comes in a cute pink plastic tub packaging with dark pink screw cap, with cute pink paper packaging too. It has so cute look as it is also from the premium range, and its is quite convenient to use and travel-friendly as well. The sturdy cap prevents any sort of leakage. Ideal for traveling and regular use.


Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask Review

The texture of Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask has buttery soft texture and its pink in colour. It really soften your lip and gives a glossy look.


Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask have bubble gum smell, and it has so yummy kind of fragrance.


It is suitable for all skin type, I have dry and patchy lip and this works best for me. In fact, after using this it will give you a super glossy look and your lip feel so smooth.

My Experience:

Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask Review

I really love Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask. It keeps my lip hydrated around 7-8 hours (min), instead of having dry and patchy lips.

I have used this as lip sleeping mask in night and whenever I wake up in the morning my lips feels so soft and smooth. Literally this is one of the best lip sleeping masks I have ever used. And I have also used this as lip balm during day time. And I am totally satisfied with the results.

The fragrance of this lip sleeping mask is so yummy, sometimes you feel like eating this (but please don’t) which you will definitely gonna love. The packaging is to die for, its super cute.

I find it completely suitable on my dry lips.  It makes my lips so smooth, supple and soft.

I can’t say anything regarding lighten blemishes and even out skin tone i.e pigmented lips because I don’t have blemishes by god’s grace and it didn’t reduce any kind of pigmentation for me (may be because I have used it only 2 weeks till now) and eating habits also matters for these things.


  • Preservative, Harmful Chemical and Cruelty free
  • Hydrates and Repair (Lip)
  • Makes lip soft, smooth and supple
  • Nice sturdy and super cute packaging
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Ingredients are not mentioned

Rating: 4/5 (only because the list of ingredients is missing)


You can by this directly from Ikkai website, Amazon or from Nykka.

Conclusion (Would I recommend this?):

Yes, it is one of the best lip sleeping mask I have ever used. It makes lips so soft, supple and smooth. It comes in a super cute pink packaging. If you have dry, patchy lips then give it a try. In fact, if you want to make your lip soft and supple, then this lip mask is for you.

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