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Korean Skincare Routine

All you need to know about – Korean Skincare Routine

Korean Skincare - Fashion Fiasca

I guess we all are noticing about some recent trends and guess what? it is Korean skincare! You also heard about it right? I know it’s everywhere and everyone is talking about it.

So, let’s talk about this. These days Korean brands that are very popular in South Korea have gained more popularity. Is it purely by Instagram reels or YouTube shorts?

Or did the brand start do more marketing in Western countries.?

So, here all your queries related to Korean skincare and Korean skincare routine order will be sorted and you will also get to know the benefits or flaws of Korean skincare.?

Korean skincare has been popular for more than a decade now but people start noticing on social media and thinking it’s new.

Moreover, younger people are discovering it through K-dramas or K-pop idols like BTS, Stray Kids, Blackpink, etc., right?

I know what you are wondering now let me tell you a secret I’m also a big fan of K-dramas guys… & also, vibing on these K-pop idols songs – smooth like butter… [BTS].

Yeah! I know you like that now it’s time to get back on the topic… Korean skincare.

Well, when it comes to marketing Korea is very skilled in this, they are promoting their skincare worldwide.


Let’s talk about Korea first.

South Korea - Fashion Fiasca

Obviously, I’m not Korean. I haven’t been there either.

‘Now the question arises, Prerna what makes you qualified to talk about Korea?’

Well, I’m glad you asked! So, I researched that only for you so u can simply get your queries solved here.

So, Korea is known for its rich culture, and advanced technology & it is also renowned for its pop culture, like – K-pop, k-drama, and skincare. In Korea, people are very fashion-forward and this involves appearances too – and caring about looks is also important whether you’re at work, school, or doing extracurricular activities.


So, it’s time for Korean skincare:

Skincare - Fashion Fiasca

Regarding skincare, they focus on prevention and protection rather than the use of products to undo damage. And also, prevention is always better, because once the damage is done it will become really hard for the skin to recover & comes in original state. But in Korea kids have been taught about the proper techniques like – exfoliating, moisturizing, and using sunscreen, so it becomes their habit when they grow up.

And it’s not only for girls! Boys are equally involved in this. (as you can see through your K-pop idols).

It is available to everyone. It is everywhere even you can find it in subway stations.

I wish we had that kind of convenience! You are also wondering, right?

And most important thing their approach to skincare is different too. They use products consistently rather than wanting the immediate result in one use. They get to the root of the skin problems. And start their skincare on behalf of that problem.


Now it’s time to know – Are Korean skin care products safe to use?

Korean Skincare - Fashion Fiasca

If you are searching for good skincare products and somehow you make it through Korean skincare that means you are well aware of the benefits and flaws of every skincare brand, or product, right? Every product has its benefits and flaws.

So, while picking your skincare products firstly, you have to know your skin type like – what’s good for your skin or what suits your skin.

Cause they have many choices now you have to choose what is good for your skin.

They use good ingredients while preparing their products like- ginseng, and green tea, which gives you healthy & hydrated skin.

Before using any products, you have to take a patch test to know if it is suitable for your skin or not.


 Let’s discover the right way to do – Korean Skincare Order

Korean Skincare - Fashion Fiasca

Now, after making it this far it’s time to reveal those amazing Korean skincare routine order to get your skin to shine like a glass-skin.

Well, your wait is over here – so, basically in South Korea glass skin is a term that is commonly used for Korean beauty standards and refers to a smooth, clear, hydrated skin texture.

Overall, they focus on improving skin gently while achieving lasting results. Rather than the instant result.

So, there are two skincare routines morning & night. They both serve different purposes because your skin has different needs at different times of the day.

  • Morning skincare provides you protection from environmental damage, or hydration to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.
  • Where night skincare helps to repair your skin from the damage it endured during the day & provides deep hydration to help the skin recover and stay healthy.


Morning Skincare Routine-

Morning Korean Skincare Routine - Fashion Fiasca

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Essence or serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen
  1. Cleansing– It helps to remove the oil, dirt, or impurities accumulated overnight into your skin.
  2. Toner– It helps your skin to balance the pH level after cleansing your face.
  3. Essence or serum- Use a lightweight serum that targets your skin issues (like anti-aging or acne problems).
  4. Moisturizer– It helps to keep your skin moisturized or protect from the skin barrier, throughout the day.
  5. Sunscreen- It protects your skin from harmful UV rays.


Night Skincare Routine-

Night Korean Skincare Routine - Fashion Fiasca

  • Oil-based cleanser
  • Water-based cleanser
  • Exfoliator
  • Toner
  • Essence or serum
  • Sheet mask
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer or night cream
  1. Oil-based cleanser- It helps to remove makeup and sunscreen from your face.
  2. Water-based cleanser- It helps to remove any remaining impurities if left after oil-cleanser.
  3. Exfoliator- It helps to remove dead skin cells from your skin which is collected through dirt or makeup. Use it few times a week to remove dead cells.
  4. Toner- It helps your skin to balance the pH level after cleansing your face.
  5. Essence or serum- Use a lightweight serum it targets your skin issues (like anti-aging or acne problems).
  6. Sheet mask- It provides your skin-deep hydration & unlocks all the impurities. Use it a few times a week to remove dead cells or impurities.
  7. Eye cream- To treat your puffiness or fine lines.
  8. Moisturizer or night cream- It helps your skin to lock in moisture & support overnight skin repair or provide soothing & calming skin.

Skincare - Fashion Fiasca

At this point, your face feels like a cream cake, but your skin has major shine- like what you called it dewy, ‘moist glow.’ And you know what the best part is (sheet masks or exfoliating packs are not a daily thing) you have to use it twice a week.

This routine only takes about 15-20 mins to give you glass skin worth it right?

Now if you want dewy or glass skin you have to follow these steps regularly to chase your desired skin goal.

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