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What to Wear to an Interview for Women

Dress for Success: What to Wear to an Interview.”

What to wear in an interview - Fashion Fiasca

Today is your big day girl… Congratulations! You have already gained well in your resume and performed even better in your virtual interview. And now, it’s time to get ready for the face-to-face interview in your desired workplace.

You have already impressed your interviewer without speaking a single word. Wondering how? It’s your dressing sense. So, always make sure to follow the good dressing sense while appearing for an interview.

Now it’s time to decide what to wear? Right…! and you are struggling with that. Cause you don’t know what to wear to an interview. Relax that’s why I’m here for providing you some amazing secrets that you are ready to apply in your life so, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

 So, the first question arises what to wear to an interview?

So, the first thing to wear in your interview is self-confidence. Which helps you a lot rather than anything.

Now, while going for an interview you have to wear clothes according to the factors like – location, company, etc. and even dressed formal for any type of interview. The reason is that in formal outfit your personality reflects strong leadership traits and seriousness towards the interview or the workplace.

Let’s also normalize this, when a person who call you for an interview, ask them about their company’s dress code for interview. There are some different dress codes of styling in different sectors, and it also vary from person to person.


Do your research on:  What to Wear to an Interview?

What to wear in an interview - Fashion Fiasca

Do research on company’s values or the general attires because in interviews it really matters what you wear and also it is the first thing that people notice in you.

So, the first step is you have to look professional. Wear comfortable clothes with accessories & shoes. Know the company culture and make sure to do grooming also…!!

 Be comfortable & confident in an interview:

Be confident in an interview - Fashion Fiasca

You’ll have to perform best in an interview if you are trying to fit in with the company. And that’s happens when you feel confident. And it also comes from what you wear, right? And also choose your clothes wisely that are comfortable to wear and appropriate for the company’s values.

    Try out your outfit few days before the interview:

Trying clothes for interview - Fashion Fiasca

Try your outfit before the interview otherwise it will become even worse or more stressful by choosing your outfit on the same day of your interview.

Following reason should be occurs like: –

  • Stain on your clothes
  • Wrinkles on it
  • Missing button on your shirt & you forget to replace it
  • Fitting issues

And at the very last moment you have no choice to do anything at that point. So, it’s better to avoid these types of mistakes & try your clothes before the interview.

Now it’s time to tell what to wear to an interview: Right girls!

So, firstly you have to choose your dress according to your body type the reason is it will make you feel confident if you wear your comfortable clothes. But here I’m not talking about your jeans & t-shirt…

Your body language is also important so, be focus on that do not cross your arms while talking it makes you look nervous or uninterested. Try to avoid these and be relax while going through your interview.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking! When are you going to tell what to wear? So, guys it is also important to know how to represent yourself right many of you need to know this cause maybe it’s her first time.


Outfits for women: For an interview – what to wear?

Now it’s time to head into your closet. And You get an idea what to wear already.

1. Colors:

Outfits colors - Fashion Fiasca

When it’s come to a job interview you have to choose the light shade of colors like black, white, gray, navy blue, or beige and you can also add a touch of colors by wearing pale pink, light yellow, or light blue to convey the professionalism.

2. Outfits:

Lucky women’s they have a large number of options as a formal dress code unlike men. Some of the most common dress code which is accepted in a professional interview are: –

  • In traditional wear:

Traditional wear saree - Fashion Fiasca

  • Indian suit – In traditional wear it is the best option for female candidate cause Indian wear is well- fitted for every body type. However, you have to avoid–wearing a tight – fitted suits, glitters on it, lace, or animal print.
  • Saree – You can also wear a saree in your interview, but the saree should be simple or pastel in colors for a formal look. And cotton sarees are the best to wear in an interview.
  • In western wear:

Formal dress for interview - Fashion Fiasca

  • Formal dress: Knee-length dress in straight style, or well-fitted is also a good option for women’s.
  • Shirt/tops: Choose light shade pastel colors for shirts/tops with minimal print or no print. Full-sleeved or half-sleeved shirt with the pencil skirt is acceptable as a professional dress code for an interview.
  • Pantsuit: Choose pastel colors or light shade in pantsuit with light coloured shirt. It gives a classy look in an interview.

3. Accessories:

Handbags for interview - Fashion Fiasca

Women can carry a basic & smart handbag to keep their documents safe or at one place. The shade of handbag should be basic in colors like – black, blue, or tan.

4. Footwear:

Footwear for interview - Fashion Fiasca

Make sure to choose comfortable shoes, heels, or flats. Because low heel look impressive & versatile and stay in fashion forever. Now, for the colors go with the black, blue, dusky, or beige, etc.

5. Hair & makeup:


  • Makeup should me minimal while going for an interview.
  • Your nail should be done or in shape avoid long nails use neutral colors for nail paint.
  • Your hairstyle should be neatly styled in a basic manner.
  • Your hair should be well-combed. Make a low or high ponytails which looks good with the suits, & skirts or most of the outfits.
  • Low polished bun goes with several outfits which goes well with most of the outfits.


      Some minimal mistake to avoid while going for the interview:

Here are some of the minimal mistakes that you should avoid while going for the interview, and they are as follows:

  • Make sure your outfit is neat & clean, or well-pressed.
  • Wear a mild-deodorant or perfume.
  • Make sure your hair looks fresh & clean with a decent hairstyle.
  • Avoid carrying glitterish handbags, clothes, or shoes. Go with the basic one.
  • Wear minimal accessories.

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