Latest Fabric Trends to Upgrade your Style for any Occasion ft. Fabcurate

Fashion is something that changes with time and fabrics go hand to hand with the fashion – so you must need know to which fashion/fabric trend is the latest one. Fabrics plays a lot vital role in styling than earlier times.

Never limit yourself to one particular type of fibre, weave, pattern or finishing detail, fabrics come in a wide range of designs depending on the style trends of the current fashion season.

It is also important to be aware of the fact that being unique and authentic is the best part of following season styles. Whatever you wear, you should always be comfortable with that. Never letting go of your customs, in every country the styles/styling are different, and these include colours and fabrics in all seasons for every culture.


If we talk about fabrics, we have n numbers of fabrics available in the market according to season, occasions, trends and all. Like in summers everyone prefers cotton fabrics, cotton too now comes in different category like Glazed cotton, cotton cambric, etc.

Cotton is the most popular fiber used in the world, so cool, breathable and comfortable.

Print and Pattern:

Also a very important part of fashion. We have different types of print like digital print, handblock print, screen prints which are among the popular printing types.

Trending Fabrics in Fashion

Here I am sharing two of the most trending fabrics in Fashion ft. Fabcurate, which you can use to upgrade your style for any occasions:

Organza Fabric:

Organza Fabric Saree Fabcurate

These days Organza fabric is in so much trend and this fabric also comes in various categories like Liquid Organza, Organza silk, Pleated Organza Fabric (used mostly in dresses, skirts, saree, etc.)

Organza is a lightweight, sheer, plain-woven fabric that was originally made from silk. Its so easy to style and carry. It’s so shiny, durable, transparent and crease-resistant and it is considered as an upgraded version of net fabric, that’s why it is profoundly used in sarees and high-end garments.

Satin Fabric:

Satin Fabric Saree Fabcurate

Satin never go out of trend and now we have Japan satin which is super soft and glossy kind of fabric which you can style in so many occasions and ways.

Satin is a weave that typically has a glossy surface and a dull back. It has a silky feeling that is cool to the touch. Like luxury silk sheets, satin has a tendency to feel smooth. It has a matte or dull finish. It is mostly used to make blouses, shirts, scarves, ties, skirts, bedding’s, curtains, gowns, lingerie’s, jackets and ballet shoes.

It is one of the finest choices when it comes for using in the stiching of skirts, sarees and blouses.


“Curate your own fabric” 

Fabcurate is your one stop destination for buying fabrics online. If you want to buy quality fabrics among a variety of of fabrics such as organza, satin, cotton, rayon, muslin, chanderi, crepe silk, etc.  at affordable rates then Fabcurate is one the best destinations.

I love both the fabrics that I got from Fabcurate, the quality of fabrics is upto mark and even they offer such quality at very reasonable price.

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