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How to Remove Sun Tan Instantly at Home

Say Goodbye To Sun Tan: Banish Sun Tan With These Surprising Home Remedies

How to remove sun tan instantly - Fashion Fiasca

Ah summer and tan! Majorly one thing that affect us a lot in summer’s is tanning! Are you also tired of sun tan? So, are we and trying to get rid of it. In summer sun plays a role constantly, which is called sun tanning isn’t it? And it feels like this summer is dedicated to tanning or is it just me who feels this way! No right. You are also dealing with the same problem and looking for the solution of How to Remove Sun Tan Instantly at Home or something to get rid of this stubborn tanning. So, here are some home remedies for sun tan removal without spending your money or breaking the bank on luxurious items? Yeah cooldown! I’ve got you covered with some amazing home remedies which is easily available in your kitchen. Yes, you heard it right. You can now remove your tanning instantly while chilling at your home.

What is tanning?

Do you ever wonder what sun tanning is? It’s happens when you spend time in the sun for a while and your skin gets darker because of the pigment melanin which is produces by your skin to protect you from UV rays.

When you are exposed a lot in sun, and soaking up all those UV rays, then your skin goes into protection mode, and produce pigment called melanin, which is like a natural sunscreen, to shield itself from rays.

And that’s when you see your skin getting darker or tanned.

What are the major mistakes we make and get tanned?

How to remove sun tan instantly - Fashion Fiasca

  • Skipping sunscreen
  • Overexposure
  • Not reapplying sunscreen
  • Not wearing protective clothing.

By avoiding these common mistakes you can protect your skin from getting tanned and enjoy the outdoors activities safely.



How to Remove Sun Tan Instantly at Home: Say Goodbye to Sun Tan with these powerful Home Remedies

So here, we are going to share sun tan removal tips by using these natural home remedies, you can get rid of sun tanning instantly with some of the easy-to-find ingredients and simple techniques to welcome an even-toned skin.


  1. Gram flour, yogurt & turmeric for Sun Tan Removal:

Gram flour,Turmeric, & Yogurt for Sun Tan Removal - Fashion Fiasca

Gram flour helps in exfoliation of dead skin cells, unclog pores and gives cooling & soothing effect on skin. It also has skin brightening & oil absorption properties which helps to prevent clogged pores & breakouts.

Yogurt helps in hydration & moisturizing the skin and has lactic acid properties which helps in skin-brightening.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in removal of tanning and also has antioxidant which help to protect the skin from UV rays.

How to use:  1 tablespoon gram flour, 1 tablespoon yogurt, & pinch of turmeric, mix it well apply it for 10-15 mins. and wash it with cool water. Use this remedy twice a week.

  1. Tomato for Sun Tan Removal:

Tomato for Sun Tan Removal - Fashion Fiasca

Tomato has cooling properties which help to soothe sun tan or helps in tightening the pores and lighten the skin-tone while reduce the tanning.

How to use: Smash tomato, separate its pulp and apply its juice on the affected areas or all over your face.

  1. Aloe vera gel for Sun Tan Removal:

Aloe vera gel for Sun Tan Removal - Fashion Fiasca

Aloe vera is known for its healing properties which helps in soothing, lightening, & moisturizing the skin. It helps in reducing the sun tan. Fresh gel aloe vera directly from the plant helps a lot.

How to use: Apply it on affected area leave it for 20-30 mins wash it with lukewarm water. It can be applied on the daily basis for better result.

  1. Besan, coffee, turmeric, honey and curd/milk for Sun Tan Removal:

Besan, Coffee, Turmeric, Honey & curd / milk for Sun Tan Removal - Fashion Fiasca

Besan is a natural exfoliator & has lightening effects. Where coffee protect skin from damage & turmeric helps to reduce acne, scars, dark spots or honey helps in moisturizing the skin naturally, where curd/milk helps to even out the skin-tone and brighten the skin complexion. This remedy is for all skin types and will help you remove your sun tan instantly.

How to use: 1-2 tbs besan + ½ tbs coffee + pinch of turmeric + 1 tbs honey + 1 tbs curd/milk. Mix it well apply on face & neck keep it for 15 mins. apply two times a week.

  1. Besan, turmeric, sandalwood powder, curd, honey & rose water for Sun Tan Removal:

Besan, Turmeric, Sandalwood powder, curd, honey & rose water for Sun Tan Removal - Fashion Fiasca

Besan helps in exfoliate the dead skin, where sandalwood powder helps in reducing tanning due to its cooling effects, with skin- lightening and it has antioxidant properties which helps in to reduce the damage caused by UV rays. Rose water helps in soothing effects, hydrate the skin, antioxidant properties & has the cooling effects.

How to use:  1 tbs besan, + ¼ tbsp turmeric, + ½ tbsp sandalwood powder, + 1tbsp curd, + ½ tbsp honey & rose water. Mix it well make thick paste and properly apply on all the tanned area. Wait for atleast 30 mins, wash it off, it has visible change in one try.

Prevention from sun tan - Fashion Fiasca

Prevention is best approach to avoid your skin from sun tanning, always cover your skin with long sleeves, sunglasses, etc. and avoid the direct sunlight, especially from 10am to 4pm. While tanning might get fade naturally over a period of time taking proactive steps to take care of your skin.

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